Vaccination Reviewer Privileges

Vaccine Tracking Managers Role

Each company with Vaccine Tracking activated will need to assign the appropriate internal staff as ‘Vaccination Reviewers’. This privilege uses permission tags on the Directory page to showcase who can review staff vaccine records. Admins can set and update the ‘Vaccination Reviewer’ tag to anyone who needs this role.
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Vaccine Tracking Page

Depending on whether or not your company is storing vaccine cards in OfficeTogether, the Vaccination Reviewer will see one of two potential views from the Vaccine Tracking page.
View with vaccine card information
In this view, the dates of the doses and a link to the vaccine card are available in addition to the buttons to ‘Approve’, ‘Revoke, and ‘Upload’.
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View with ‘Approve’ and ‘Revoke’ only
In this view, the only columns consist of office, status, and buttons to ‘Approve’ or ‘Revoke’.
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The goal of a Vaccination Reviewer is to manage the staff that have provided proof-of-vaccination and can safely come into the office and make desk reservations within OfficeTogether.
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