Using the OfficeTogether Slack App

Note: The OfficeTogether Slack App must be connected to OfficeTogether by a Slack administrator before access is available to staff. These directions can be found here.
Adding the OfficeTogether Slack App
You can search in the Slack App Directory for ‘OfficeTogether’ to add the Slack app if it’s not already available for you.
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OfficeTogether Home tab
The first tab within the Slack app is ‘Home’. From this tab, you can set your status (In Office, Remote, or Out) and review other relevant information such as your colleague’s status(es) and events.
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  1. Set Status
    1. In the top section of the Home tab, you can set the specific date you’re interested in viewing. In the image, ‘Today’, July 6th is the visible date. However, you can either choose ‘Tomorrow’ or use the drop down date picker to view a particular day. Once you’ve selected the appropriate date, you can set your status for that day.
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  1. Review Colleagues’ Work Statuses
    1. In the middle of the Home tab, you can view the statuses of your colleagues that you ‘favorite’ from the Dashboard in the web portal. The emoji icons for 🏢 (In Office), 🏠 (Remote) and 🌴 (Out) can quickly showcase the status of these colleagues. If any are set for ‘In Office’, then the seat number will also be displayed by their name.
  1. Review Events
    1. At the bottom of the Home tab, you can view any events that are happening for that specific day. The events could be ‘Virtual’ or ‘In Person’. These events are created within OfficeTogether by staff with the ‘Create events’ permission.
OfficeTogether Messages tab
On the second tab, Messages, most staff will receive three types of regular communications:
  1. Health Checks If Health Checks are turned on for your office, you will receive reminders ahead of all ‘In Office’ reservations for you to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the office health screening. These notifications can be sent to Slack and/or Email based on your specific Notification preferences (which can be updated in User Settings). NOTE: If you ‘Decline’ a health check, it will cancel your reservation for the day and alert your admins too.
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  1. Changes in Colleague’s Work Status
  1. Weekly Digest
Daily Slack Channel
OfficeTogether creates a unique, 24-hour Slack channel for each day where at least one staff member has an ‘In Office’ reservation. The purpose of the channel is to be a convenient place to communicate with only in-office staff without having to figure out who’s there. This channel is automatically archived the following day. A couple of uses for this channel include:
  1. Notifying the in-office staff about certain visitors (contractors working on HVAC), or
  1. Sending a lunch order form for employees to complete
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