Slack ‘In Office’ Reservation


Set a single-day ‘In Office’ reservation in Slack

Let's walk you through how to create a Slack reservation!
Note: The OfficeTogether Slack App must be connected to OfficeTogether by a Slack administrator before access is available to staff. These directions can be found here.
Adding the OfficeTogether Slack App
You can search in the Slack App Directory for ‘OfficeTogether’ to add the Slack app if it’s not already available for you.
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OfficeTogether Home tab
The first tab within the Slack app is ‘Home’. From this tab, you can set your status (In Office, Remote, or Out) and review other relevant information such as your colleague’s status(es) and events.
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Creating a single-day ‘In Office’ reservation
  1. Choose the date and ‘In Office’ status
    1. In the top section of the Home tab, you can set the specific date you’re interested in viewing. In the image, ‘Today’, January 24th is the visible date. However, you can either choose ‘Tomorrow’ or use the drop down date picker to view a particular day. Once you’ve selected the appropriate date, you can set your status for that day.
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  1. Select your seat
    1. After choosing ‘In Office’, you’ll receive a pop-up window with the information regarding your reservation. The options you can modify are: a. Office - This dropdown will default to your primary office, but you can choose a separate location if necessary.
      b. Date - This dropdown will default to the date previously selected, but can still be updated from this window if necessary.
      c. Floor - If your office location has more than one floor, you can choose a specific floor.
      d. Seat - This dropdown shows the remaining available desks. If you have an assigned seat, it will automatically be chosen. If you are selecting from a block of hotel desks, you will need to select the desk number you want.
      The floor plan will show beneath the Seat dropdown and you can zoom in if needed to view the individual desk numbers. Once all of the options are set correctly, you will press the ‘Save’ button to save the reservation. NOTE: Slack only allows for single day reservations. If you want to set a recurring ‘In Office’ reservation, you will need to complete it from the web portal.
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Accepting or Declining the OfficeTogether Health Check
If your office requires health checks, then you will receive reminders ahead of all ‘In Office’ reservations for you to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’. These notifications can be sent to Slack and/or Email based on your specific Notification preferences (which can be updated in User Settings). NOTE: If you ‘Decline’ a health check, it will cancel your reservation for the day and alert your admins too.
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Communicating via the Daily Slack Channel
OfficeTogether creates a unique Slack channel for each day where at least one staff has an ‘In Office’ reservation. The purpose of the channel is to be a convenient place to communicate with only in-office staff without having to figure out who’s there. This channel is automatically archived the following day.
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