Seat Map Tool Overview

Written Instructions

Let's walk you through how to edit the seat map. In the right upper corner click on your Profile picture and then on Settings
notion image
Here you can see your specific office settings. Select an office and you will be able to see the Seatmap & Capacity tool
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Here you can add a seat by clicking the "+Seat" button and then just drag and drop wherever you want the seat to be placed. You can select the seat and then click "Delete" button on the right if you want to remove it.
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Options that you have when you select a seat:
  1. Unavailable - cannot be booked by anyone in the office
  1. Bookable by any employee - will make the seat available for anyone
  1. Assigned - you can assign a seat to a specific person and only that person will be able to reserve it
Beside this options, when you click a seat, you can name it as well (3digits max)
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