High Level Overview

The Vaccine Tracking feature of OfficeTogether provides a way to manage in-office reservations in accordance with company and government vaccine policies. There are several options available, allowing you to control the level of restriction per location and making sure your staff are properly verified before coming into the office.

Configuration Options

Each location in your portal can be configured to have upload requirements as Optional, Suggested, or Required.
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Optional Proof of Vaccination
When an office is configured as ‘Optional’, the only place a staff member will see a message concerning vaccination will be in their User Settings. The text will state that ‘For vaccination status approval, reach out to a vaccination manager’ and will list anyone who has that internal responsibility for your company.
Suggested Proof of Vaccination If you choose ‘Suggested’, there will be a banner on the dashboard page politely asking staff to upload their information (NOTE: this option only exists when the ‘Upload’ workflow is set). This banner is in blue and highlights that the information is being requested, but it does not prevent staff from making reservations in the system.
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Required Proof of Vaccination
If you choose ‘Required’, staff will be required to upload their vaccine card information or reach out to their ‘Vaccination Reviewers’. In this instance, they will be unable to make an in-office reservation without approval.
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With the ‘Required’ option, the ability to choose an ‘In Office’ reservation is greyed out and only the ‘Remote’ or ‘Out’ options can be set as a daily work status.
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Upload Vaccine Cards in OfficeTogether

When the vaccine card is suggested or required, the staff will need to upload an image of their vaccine card as well as enter the dates of doses and booster shots. This option takes the burden off of the HR or People Ops team to manage emails, spreadsheets, or other means of tracking who has submitted their required information for a return to the office. This feature may also limit company liability because your company does not need to directly store health data. The process is quick and can be accomplished in two steps by your staff: Image Upload Upload a copy of your vaccine card
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Enter Doses and Dates Choose which type of vaccine you received and add the corresponding dates. The ‘Date of 3rd Dose’ could be used for booster information.
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Review Approval Status or Modify Card Information

Staff can easily review or update their information by checking their User Settings and checking the Vaccination Status section (NOTE: if only the status of the staff was managed in OfficeTogether, then the dose information and image would not be part of the Settings page).
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