Create a Group Reservation

Create a Group Reservation


Video Walk Through:

  • Create a Group Reservation with Title
  • Delete/Edit the Group Reservation
  • Accept or Decline Group Reservation invite

Book your ‘In Office’ Group Reservation

Let's walk through how to create a group reservation in OfficeTogether!

Add Guests to an “In Office” Reservation

  1. On the Home tab, click "+ Set Status" above an individual day or across from “My Work Week”.
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2. Adding guests requires you to make an “In Office” reservation, so choose the “In Office” status to proceed. 3. Next to your staff name, there is a link to ‘Add guests’. Click the link to expand the right side of the floor plan with a place to add names.
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4. On the right, in the "Add guests" textfield you will have three options:
  • Add staff individually,
  • Add groups of staff by using tags, or
  • Invite visitors by entering email addresses
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Add Staff Individually
To add users individually, type their name into the textfield
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Add Staff by Tag
To add staff by using tags, enter any pre-existing tag name into the textfield. These tags are defined in your directory (e.g. "Sales").
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Anyone with this tag will be shown in a list (where you can add them all or if necessary remove one from the list and add the rest).
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Add Visitor by Email Address
To add outside guests to the platform, enter their email address into the textfield. Guests will receive an email with a link to book a desk from the reserved options.
  1. Now that you added the staff or visitors, they can all be added to a group of Reserved seats or assigned a specific seat. Now you can give a title to this event, for example Sales Team Meeting.
  1. Finally, give the planned Group Reservation a title by placing text into the optional ‘Reservation title’ field. For Executive Assistants placing in reservations for their Managers, this isn’t necessary. However, if this was a team event, then the invitation name is helpful to give the invitees context.
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  1. Now the group event is created and you can see it in the Calendar
  1. Everyone on the list will get an email to accept or decline the invitation.
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