ADP Integration

ADP Integration

ADP Time Off Requests Sync

Employees have a one-way ADP Integration that allows them to make time off requests when changing their work status, and see them on the ADP Workforce Now page. OfficeTogether will only display statuses based on the requests made in OfficeTogether and will not retrieve time off requests made in ADP Workforce Now directly.
Important: All ADP account need to have the same work email configured as the ones from OfficeTogether


  1. An OfficeTogether admin or company admin must navigate to the ADP Configuration page in Account Settings
    1. This page will look for existing ADP subscriptions for the company
    2. Copy the ADP subscription validation code
    3. notion image
  1. Navigate to the ADP Markeplace site, log in with the ADP account and search for the OfficeTogether Data Connector app,
  1. Click Purchase the app/Start a free trial, select the Standard edition and click continue
  1. Provide the ADP subscription validation code from step 1) and click Check
  1. Continue and finish the order process
  1. Navigate to the ADP Configuration page in Account Settings
    1. Click on the consent link to allow for ADP requests
    2. Activate the subscription
    3. notion image
  1. Sync workers and policies
    1. Note: This process is done a a daily basis, but while onboarding it can be done by the support team using swagger to hasten the process
  1. Map OfficeTogheter work statuses to ADP policies
    1. Note: Will be done by the support team via swagger. The client must provide the policies (names and codes) that they want to map
  1. Workers can now perform time off requests by selecting the work statuses that have been as associated with the ADP policies.


  1. Upon "activate subscription" the OfficeTogether CSM (Customer Success Manager) will get a notification to schedule an implementation call with the client.
  1. The CSM will pull all the worker information (only those in ADP that have a valid OfficeTogether email will be imported into OfficeTogether, this is because OfficeTogether is paid by seat). This takes about ~5 minutes.
  1. On the implementation call, the CSM will pull all the existing policies from the company and connect the OfficeTogether work status categories (PTO, Sick Day, Out, etc.,) with the ADP policies.